“On Sundays, it should be sunny” I had the pleasure of spending my Sunday with the cutest 8-year-old boy who is such a vivacious confident soul. He loves jacket potatoes, painting, football, and Sundays. He informed me while we were walking and experiencing an icy breeze that on Sundays it should be sunny. I wasContinue reading

Caraway Seed Crackers and Cashew Nut CheeseSeptember 7, 2017DanicaPrep Time20 minCook Time20 minTotal Time40 minCourseSnackSuitable for diet IngredientsCaraway Seed Crackers150g cornmeal (1 cup)190g teff flour (1 cup)200g oats (2 cups)1 tsp caraway seeds1/2 tsp baking sodaGood pinch of salt (1tsp)1tbsp lemon juice185 ml water (3/4cup)5 tbsp olive oilCashew Nut Cheese 200g cashews (1 cup +2Continue reading
lemon coconut tahini bars

To those of you living in a steamy country with 6-7 months of summer these next few words may puzzle you as I’m sure you are counting the days until the cool breezes of autumn.Living in the United Kingdom summer is but a blink. A few glorious sunny days with ice cream, windows down, removeContinue reading
Raw Turtle Brownie

Gooey caramel, roasted pecans, and chocolate the main components for these Raw Turtle Brownies. Tucking into these slices of bliss really makes my few dedicated minutes of me time a little more euphoric. And it’s not like you have had a few disappointing spoonfuls of low-fat yoghurt that really just tease your appetite leaving thatContinue reading

Rhubarb oat scones

  Saturdays are for baking and having long cosy pots of tea. It’s spring but still a chilly bite in the air, which can make for some lovely walks and kitchens with warm ovens full of baked goods. Make your Saturday full of these rhubarb scones. I am a lover of toast and jam andContinue reading

Greek Vegan Bowls

One of the absolute best things about travelling is spying on another countries cuisine! Flavours and ingredients that inspire me to think about food in a new way but to them is just a bowl full of home. Often times they sat while watching their mother go through lengthy cooking processes that resulted in theContinue reading