Greetings fellow food lovers!
I am Danica and I absolutely love food! Especially healthy food which over the years has taught me it’s what makes me feel my best.
I trained as a chef in 2002 in Vancouver Canada, a lovely food city. I also had my own French dessert business in 2004 but abandoned it for a life in Ireland where I live with my husband James.
I always felt a slave to sugar with all the cravings and tiredness that come with that. I wanted a complete healthy lifestyle but I wanted it to taste great and make me feel the same. Which is why I found plant based eating. Trying to add loads of fruit and veg into your day is thrilling instead of a burden. It really is addicting!
I hope I can inspire you to eat more veg and cook with more flavour because it makes life so enjoyable. Don’t view healthy eating as a diet just as a way to make you feel your best all the time!