Addicted to sugar? Make these Banana Coffee Caramel Bars

How do you really have success getting off sugar and staying off when you are addicted to Sugar? For me I found eating delicious snacks full of flavour and full of fantastic healthy ingredients. So when you need a bit of a pick me up the little treat that you reach for makes your tummy happy, leaves you feeling brighter, and full of life! Its a win, win, win. Which is why eating healthy and having snacks low in sugar is easy! Its actually something you can really get excited about. And I am really excited about bananas, caramel, and coffee. Not caramel as you know it though give it a go!


1 cup oats
100 g Medjool dates pitted
pinch of sea salt
2 Tbsp of cold coffee

Caramel Banana:

90g peeled banana
150g Medjool dates pitted
pinch of sea salt
2 Tbsp cold coffee
2 Tbsp chia seeds


150g dark chocolate or
homemade chocolate (check out recipe on blog)


1)Blend oats in your food processor to a flour it takes a few seconds
2)Add dates and sea salt in with the oats and blend again
3)Add cold coffee while blending and the base mixture will come together.
4)Press mixture into a 9inch baking pan and pop into the freezer till firm 10 minutes approx.

Banana Caramel:

1)Blend all ingredients in your food processor till it comes together into a caramel

2)Then spread on cold base mixture from above


1)Melt chocolate and pour over banana caramel and chill till chocolate hardens 10-20 minutes

Slice and enjoy! If you don’t want to add the coffee just use water to lower caffeine.


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