Let’s make caramel Healthy! This super easy date caramel toffee sauce that is refined sugar free, dairy free, and so delicious. Calling out to all NON-coffee fans! I have heard it said “I wish coffee tasted as it smells” Now let’s be clear these words are uttered by the mellow world of tea drinkers. Don’tContinue reading
Rhubarb oat scones

  Saturdays are for baking and having long cosy pots of tea. It’s spring but still a chilly bite in the air, which can make for some lovely walks and kitchens with warm ovens full of baked goods. Make your Saturday full of these rhubarb scones. I am a lover of toast and jam andContinue reading

Indulging in fruit? Hmmm, two words that don’t really seem to go together. Earthy refreshing fruit or intensely sweet indulging treats? So I am looking to put the two together. Something that hits the sweet spot but is still light and refreshing. Something we may need if we feel a little sluggish from our richContinue reading

Surprisingly most squash and gourds don’t have much flavour on their own. It seems like they should though with all their crazy shapes, stripes, spots, and handle stems. What they do have though is a creamy dense sweetness. That blended with roasted walnuts with the traditional pumpkin spice and maple syrup seemed like a perfectContinue reading

  Mornings. Most of the time those 10-20 mins extra in bed is an unconscious impulsive decision between you and the snooze button. Meaning breakfast will be whatever you can skip or roll off the counter. Which could result in some midmorning sugar indulging? So how can we make midweek breakfasts something to win outContinue reading

  Why bother making your own hummus when you can just buy it? When we are all pushed for time why add to your cooking list? As with all things healthy, getting into the kitchen and making it yourself is the best way to be in complete control of what goes in your body. SadlyContinue reading

Eating a healthy breakfast can give you the armour needed to fight any battle. Well at least get you to work. I enjoy homemade granola, oatmeal, veggie juice, smoothies or healthy pancakes if I have a bit of time. I especially love a hearty warm piece of toast! I know when people cut back itContinue reading