"I just don’t have time to be healthy” “I just need to be more organised, then I can eat healthy” All our silly inner voices that stops us from making better choices. Maybe we think we need to overhaul our lives first. Or somehow stay home all day and cook from scratch. So instead weContinue reading
Zucchini Fritters and Mango Avocado Salsa

Looking to add more flavour to your meals and want to do so quickly? I think there is a strong link between food full of gorgeous colour and food full of flavour. It’s not that tantalising sitting down to a plate full of just noodles or a plate full of plain potatoes. In that seaContinue reading
Greek Vegan Bowls

One of the absolute best things about travelling is spying on another countries cuisine! Flavours and ingredients that inspire me to think about food in a new way but, to them is just a bowlful of home. Often times young ones sitting while watching their mother go through lengthy cooking processes that resulted in theContinue reading

creamy butternut pasta

Heaps of creamy garlic pasta and a glass of red the perfect Sunday! A couple of years ago I realised unfortunately that my diet was full of a lot of wheat products! I knew deep down this probably wasn’t the best thing to be eating but I wasn’t sure what to have instead. I wishContinue reading

Moroccan feast

  I love themed food nights where you enjoy the flavours of another culture. Moroccan food is one of my favourites, the spices, nuts, chillies, and how the sauces all seem to have the hint of cinnamon. This spicy stew with tomato bean and roasted almonds, fresh herb Chermoula (Moroccan Pesto), flat bread and riceContinue reading
celery root and fennel soup

I have to say I love raw veg. Something about a veggie platter at a party makes me want to dive in. I remember when I was a kid loving raw carrots and beloved celery with my sandwiches. I always found it made my lunch taste better. There are some amazing flavours found in veggiesContinue reading