celery root and fennel soup

I have to say I love raw veg. Something about a veggie platter at a party makes me want to dive in. I remember when I was a kid loving raw carrots and beloved celery with my sandwiches. I always found it made my lunch taste better. There are some amazing flavours found in veggiesContinue reading

When was the last time you made soup? I hope it was yesterday but if not don’t worry. The fact that there is a whole isle in supermarkets dedicated to prepared soup preserved in a tin for last minute meal ideas shows not many people are making soup. Maybe it’s the idea of a carefullyContinue reading

Looking for an alternative to hummus? Or maybe a hummus sidekick? I think I have not been appreciating eggplant as much as I could have been. I’m embarrassed to say I buy it sometimes with the intention of making something wonderful and every time I open the fridge there it is staring at me. MockingContinue reading

‘Do you want some gazpacho? It’s a cold soup!’ ‘No thanks, I don’t think I would like that’ Maybe you’re thinking it’s like your bowl of piping hot soup has gone cold and mushy. Or your thinking the only thing enjoyable and comforting about soup is its soul-soothing warm you to your toes giant hugContinue reading