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Learn why juicing is the perfect detox tool and 5 Myths about this Wonderful Health Weapon. Also you will learn how to build your own juice and 3 healthy recipes We are officially in the season of detox. We all want to get the most nutrients into our bodies to hopefully reduce the effects ofContinue reading

  Good morning forest fruits smoothie jar. Still enjoying the power of berries just in frozen form. And on the go with this handy jar just pop on the lid and you are off! Berry Nut Butter Smoothie Jar 1 cup of mixed frozen berries 1 banana 2 Tbsp nut butter handful of oats 150 mlContinue reading

  A glass full of pie! I know what you are thinking how can a smoothie actually taste like apple pie. I promise this one does! Drink this pie with your feet up!!!   Apple Pie Smoothie 3 apples peeled Handful of granola Handful of almonds 250ml of coconut milk Squeeze of lemon juice Dash ofContinue reading

Wake up with this banana blueberry power in your cup. Eat the rainbow and stay healthy with these omegas and antioxidants! Blueberry banana and flaxseed smoothie  If you want this layered look blend in two batches. The first batch do the banana, a bit of water, flax, and vanilla together. Then the blueberry, banana, water,Continue reading

Winter time fruit can be a little underwhelming! Frozen berries and in this case rhubarb can keep you interested all Winter long. Beware raw rhubarb can have a sour bite. So I added banana, maple syrup, and nut milk which help softens rhubarb’s flavour punch. Feel free to add more maple syrup is you likeContinue reading

I am always thinking of ways to dress up my water. Slices of cucumber, raspberries, pieces of ginger, and big fat wedges of lemon. Don’t get me wrong I love water, after a jog feeling tired and hot, water in its simplest form is refreshing! However, I love flavours and water is the perfect vehicleContinue reading