Rhubarb oat scones

  Saturdays are for baking and having long cosy pots of tea. It’s spring but still a chilly bite in the air, which can make for some lovely walks and kitchens with warm ovens full of baked goods. Make your Saturday full of these rhubarb scones. I am a lover of toast and jam andContinue reading

nice cream peanut butter flax jam cookies

Dessert is always a good excuse to remind yourself about the enjoyment of being a child. Peanut butter and jam the perfect childhood flavour combinations. I admit I don’t eat this exciting combo much anymore maybe sometimes on toast but rarely in a sandwich. In a cookie sandwich, definitely! As we are always trying toContinue reading

Indulging in fruit? Hmmm, two words that don’t really seem to go together. Earthy refreshing fruit or intensely sweet indulging treats? So I am looking to put the two together. Something that hits the sweet spot but is still light and refreshing. Something we may need if we feel a little sluggish from our richContinue reading

Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates? Yes as the lid slides off I am scrambling for that cocoa info sheet. I take my choices very seriously! I tend to steer clear of the fruit and chocolate combos. I tend to gravitate towards coffee, nuts, chilli, spices, salt, flowers, and anything that pushes the boatContinue reading