I am always thinking of ways to dress up my water. Slices of cucumber, raspberries, pieces of ginger, and big fat wedges of lemon. Don’t get me wrong I love water, after a jog feeling tired and hot, water in its simplest form is refreshing! However, I love flavours and water is the perfect vehicleContinue reading
semifreddo recipe

It’s 6pm and its still sunny outside!!! Something about a little sun that makes me want to make hundreds of interesting ice cream flavours. So I have married Springs famous rhubarb with exotic cardamom and its all clean eating here. What is Semifreddo? This semifreddo dessert from Italy is not technically ice cream but itsContinue reading

How do you really have success getting off sugar and staying off when you are addicted to Sugar? For me I found eating delicious snacks full of flavour and full of fantastic healthy ingredients. So when you need a bit of a pick me up the little treat that you reach for makes your tummyContinue reading

make your own chocolate

Can’t believe I have waited so long to try this. The intense flavours of this dark cacao really makes the heart rejoice! Not to mention amazing for your health it improves digestion, circulation, lower blood pressure, neutralises free radicals, and makes you happy! Get making your own homemade chocolate and eating it! Making your ownContinue reading

frozen ice pop

Often after dinner no matter how full I was I would crave ice cream or some rich treat. My taste buds were expecting that change of pace something to look forward at the end of the day. The annoying part of craving sugar is you are no longer in control it is controlling you! OnceContinue reading