Raw Turtle Brownie

    Gooey caramel, roasted pecans, and chocolate the main components for these Raw Turtle Brownies.   Tucking into these slices of bliss really makes my few dedicated minutes of me time a little more euphoric.   And it’s not like you have had a few disappointing spoonfuls of low-fat yoghurt that really just teaseContinue reading
grapefruit raspberry crumble bars

Do you find yourself looking at the display case in your local coffee shop? I do I love it! I love to see what sweet combinations they have sliced perfectly and lined up on pretty backdrops. Sorry to be boring but I never really order anything because I know I will regret it. Simply downContinue reading

  Eating for comfort or eating for health? Milk and cookies just happen to really hit the comfort jackpot with me! Well to be honest a bit of coffee with that milk would defiantly kick things up! If you have been following my recipes I am sure you have noticed that basically, it’s food thatContinue reading

A light fluffy cake with creamy sweet potato and assembled in minutes. Everyone is going raw especially with cakes! This revolution of raw is exciting because the ingredients are healthy and prep is quick and easy. Confession this cake isn’t fully raw as you have to cook and mash your sweet potato but other thanContinue reading

nice cream peanut butter flax jam cookies

Dessert is always a good excuse to remind yourself about the enjoyment of being a child. Peanut butter and jam the perfect childhood flavour combinations. I admit I don’t eat this exciting combo much anymore maybe sometimes on toast but rarely in a sandwich. In a cookie sandwich, definitely! As we are always trying toContinue reading

Indulging in fruit? Hmmm, two words that don’t really seem to go together. Earthy refreshing fruit or intensely sweet indulging treats? So I am looking to put the two together. Something that hits the sweet spot but is still light and refreshing. Something we may need if we feel a little sluggish from our richContinue reading