Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates? Yes as the lid slides off I am scrambling for that cocoa info sheet. I take my choices very seriously! I tend to steer clear of the fruit and chocolate combos. I tend to gravitate towards coffee, nuts, chilli, spices, salt, flowers, and anything that pushes the boatContinue reading

Every couple of weeks I love to visit my local Asian food shop. I live in a small city so this shop is by no means extensive literally 20 square meters but it’s packed full. A few minutes can turn into an hour as I scrutinise every package and ingredient. The lovely Indian man thatContinue reading

Been chatting lately to a few busy mums who want tasty healthy snacks for them and their kids. Of course, they only want it to take a few minutes cause if it takes too long chances are you may not do it as often as you would like. So in the time its takes toContinue reading

Surprisingly most squash and gourds don’t have much flavour on their own. It seems like they should though with all their crazy shapes, stripes, spots, and handle stems. What they do have though is a creamy dense sweetness. That blended with roasted walnuts with the traditional pumpkin spice and maple syrup seemed like a perfectContinue reading