Blissful Raw Turtle Brownies, Can I Eat the Whole Tray?

Raw Turtle Brownie
raw turtle brownies
Gooey caramel, roasted pecans, and chocolate the main components for these Raw Turtle Brownies.
Tucking into these slices of bliss really makes my few dedicated minutes of me time a little more euphoric.
And it’s not like you have had a few disappointing spoonfuls of low-fat yoghurt that really just tease your appetite leaving that void in your tummy a bit more of a limitless expanse.
However, I caution you this is not the type of dessert that you can sit down with the whole tray and a fork and proceed to eat your feelings.
This is such interesting topic to me, eating instead of facing your problems.
Eating is such a beautiful ceremony of happy. After eating something that I love I can’t help but feel a little more able to face my life. Any negative problem or emotion looks considerably smaller after a warm bowl full of flavours or mouth full of caramel and chocolate.
But eating instead of processing our emotional battles just means we are choosing to not attend the battle.
So whether it’s healthy treats, low calorie treats, or whatever you can find in the cupboard this is really the same distracting practice.  I am definitely guilty of this but thankfully figuring out what’s wrong and processing it is making this less of a habit.
Let me know if you feel the same or any tips you have in the comments below.
If not then just make these epic brownies! You are going to love each other!
raw turtle brownies
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Raw Turtle Brownies
  1. In your food processor grind roasted pecans for the base into a crumble texture.
  2. Add all other ingredients until fully broken down and combined
  3. Add a spoon of water if mixture is dry
  4. Press mixture into a 9inch square pan and chill until firm approx. 10 minutes
Caramel and topping
  1. Soak dates for a few minutes then drain. Blend soaked dates in your food processor until completely broken down
  2. Add all other ingredients until fully mixed and combined
  3. Spread onto the base and chill again
  4. Melt the chocolate and drizzle onto the top of the brownies
  5. Add roasted pecans and push into soft chocolate and caramel slice and enjoy

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  1. September 29, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    OMG, how rich and decadent, Danica! Such a lovely idea with the caramel!

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