Strawberry “Nice Cream” with Frozen Balsamic Date Caramel Coconut Macaroons

Hello, Summer! Yep our favourite vitamin D, kick back, outdoor season is here.
One of my favourite parts of summer is Wimbledon tennis and ice cream.
I don’t really follow the rest of the tennis season but I love the glamorous grass courts and the posh culture of British tennis. Something about the old world history, the relaxed intensity of the sport, and the strawberries and whipped cream.
So if you will be tuning into any of the matches to accompany you why not have “nice cream” and strawberries. It starts tomorrow Monday, June 26th! Tune into BBC.
I’m sure you have heard of this glorious guilt free ice cream but if you haven’t it is basically blended frozen bananas. No dairy what so ever.
This strange completely natural ice cream is so simple and can be decorated with any flavours that speak to your tastes.
In this recipe, I went for balsamic date caramel sandwiched between frozen coconut cream for a mini macaroon to jazz up my blended bananas and strawberries.
The balsamic vinegar is boiled to a syrup and is mixed with lemon for a super zing of flavour. Great with strawberries.
If balsamic vinegar and strawberries aren’t your thing just make a vanilla date caramel which is also delicious.

balsamic date caramel

Nice Cream:

3-6 bananas
1 handful of strawberries

Balsamic Date Caramel:

150g Medjool dates pitted
5 Tbsp water
1/2 cup (125ml) balsamic vinegar
1 lemon juiced

Frozen coconut cream:

1 tin of full fat coconut milk
drizzle of maple syrup

by freezing your bananas. If you are looking for enough nice cream for 2 people 2-3 frozen bananas is sufficient. They will need to be peeled, sliced, and then put in the freezer for at least 6 hours. I lay mine out on baking paper so they don’t stick together.
For the caramel, I soak the dates in boiling water for a few minutes to get them nice and soft.
Also, bring balsamic vinegar to a boil and reduce liquid to a syrup about 10 minutes. (see photo)
CAREFUL not to forget about it can burn once all the liquid is boiled away. Allow to cool and then add the lemon juice. This adds to the zing. Set aside.
Then drain and blend your dates in your food processor then add water one spoon at a time until caramel forms. Then add the reduced balsamic and lemon syrup.
For the coconut cream chill a tin of coconut milk overnight in the fridge till the cream has risen to the top and you can spoon off separate from the liquid at the bottom.
Blend this with a whisk or hand mixer till fluffy. Add a touch of maple syrup.
I then put the cream in a piping bag and piped little macaroon shaped rounds onto baking paper that I then placed in the freezer. If you don’t have a piping bag use a spoon to make little dollops of the cream then freeze.
To assemble take frozen coconut cream and sandwich with the caramel. Then blend your bananas and strawberries in a powerful blender or food processor.
Top with frozen balsamic macaroons. Voila funky healthy Wimbledon inspired ice cream.
reduced balsamic syrup

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