5 Ways to Make Your Cooking Have More Flavour


What makes cooking tasty? Two identical pots of soup one bursting with flavour and the other bland and lifeless whats the difference?

We all want chef quality food and we don’t always want to be a slave to recipes. We want to understand the principles of flavour so that when we bring the food to our lips we can tell exactly whats missing. No matter what you are creating in the kitchen from a bubbling tomato and basil sauce to your morning porridge you just need a few principles.
Follow these simple steps and start thinking about what you are making and your guests will be wondering ‘what is in this dish? its amazing!’

Sadly someone, somewhere thought that our diets were too high in salt so the easiest thing was to cut it out of cooking! Wrong! Yes if you are eating processed prepackaged food you are probably getting to much but if you are eating and cooking fresh you are ok. A simple dash of sea salt makes flavours sing and come to life use it at the beginning and end of preparation.

That squeeze of lemon at the end of a meal isn’t for visual effect it balances all the flavours by adding a zing! Somewhere in the dish add a hit of sour be that any vinegar or some citrus.
Many bought sauces have loads of added sugar which gets us craving it all the time and making us think food is bland without it. You don’t need to do the same but a dollop of honey in a tomato sauce or in a vinaigrette can add depth of flavour.
Off the top of your head you are probably thinking whats bitter? Beer, grapefruit, brussels sprouts, walnuts, radicchio, and herbs. This flavour which isn’t one of the most obvious adds a balance and is worth it. Rosemary to your potatoes, bitter greens to your salad, or a splash of beer to your stew.
I’m not talking about a crazy fiery curry or hot wings but a touch of heat. Salt seems to accompany pepper. And rightly so the two play off each other making a simple hot house tomato taste like a soil rich Italian sun drenched gem. A bit of heat from chilli, ginger, or pepper can bring out many flavours keep it close by in your kitchen!
There are many more types of flavour but to keep it simple get to know these immediate family members and your food will go from Smith to Savoy.

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