Olive Polenta, Chestnut Mushroom and Pesto Beans, Roasted Fennel, Pine Nut Spinach Salad, and Roasted GarlicJune 16, 2019DanicaCourseMain CourseSuitable for dietVegan IngredientsPolenta200g Cornmeal600ml Water1/2 tsp sea salt1 tsp dried mixed herbs50g chopped green olives1 tsp of olive oil Method1 Boil water and add salt Pour in cornmeal and whisk Add all other ingredients and stirContinue reading

Avocado Ice Cream CakeMarch 26, 2019DanicaPrep Time5 minCook Time10 minTotal Time15 minSuitable for dietVegan IngredientsBase3 Tbsp coconut oil3 Tbsp honey (or sweetener of your choice)125g oats 1 cup +1/4 cup1 banana (100g)50g (1/2c) unsweetened shredded coconut1/2 tsp baking powdersplash of vanilla extractpinch of sea saltAvocado ice cream centre2 ripe avocados (250g-300g)2 Tbsp honey1/2 cup (125ml)Continue reading

Let’s make caramel Healthy! This super easy date caramel toffee sauce that is refined sugar free, dairy free, and so delicious. Calling out to all NON-coffee fans! I have heard it said “I wish coffee tasted as it smells” Now let’s be clear these words are uttered by the mellow world of tea drinkers. Don’tContinue reading

"I just don’t have time to be healthy” “I just need to be more organised, then I can eat healthy” All our silly inner voices that stops us from making better choices. Maybe we think we need to overhaul our lives first. Or somehow stay home all day and cook from scratch. So instead weContinue reading

The soft crumble of a shortbread biscuit in your mouth followed by a sip of perfectly hot Earl Grey tea. A mid-morning of bliss that melts away worry and makes you feel happier in general about things. Even more happy to know the biscuit or cookie that you are munching is GOOD FOR YOU! ItContinue reading

The ice cream Isle, sometimes I just stand there staring at all the flavours. The marbled, chocolate on chocolate, caramel swirl, some healthy, some pretending to be healthy. Not to mention the fancy little pots that cost £5. Its all there and it is and joyously fun but when I think how simple it is toContinue reading

Sipping deep glasses of vino with that delicate grape flavour exploding in your mouth. I am by no means a wine-o I know a few grapes and labels I like but that's about it. But I know for sure that I adore it! It makes all food taste better and of course makes our heartContinue reading