Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates? Yes as the lid slides off I am scrambling for that cocoa info sheet. I take my choices very seriously! I tend to steer clear of the fruit and chocolate combos. I tend to gravitate towards coffee, nuts, chilli, spices, salt, flowers, and anything that pushes the boatContinue reading

Been chatting lately to a few busy mums who want tasty healthy snacks for them and their kids. Of course, they only want it to take a few minutes cause if it takes too long chances are you may not do it as often as you would like. So in the time its takes toContinue reading

Looking for an alternative to hummus? Or maybe a hummus sidekick? I think I have not been appreciating eggplant as much as I could have been. I’m embarrassed to say I buy it sometimes with the intention of making something wonderful and every time I open the fridge there it is staring at me. MockingContinue reading

Many people today are trying to find alternatives to the many animal products that make up the western diet. There are many different ideas and feelings about what makes up a healthy diet and whether or not it should contain animal products processed or not. The way our modern food industry deals with the productionContinue reading

  Why bother making your own hummus when you can just buy it? When we are all pushed for time why add to your cooking list? As with all things healthy, getting into the kitchen and making it yourself is the best way to be in complete control of what goes in your body. SadlyContinue reading

Lazy Sundays one of the little joys in our week. Long breakfasts in our pjs with cups of coffee in your perfect mug, your favourite magazine, and pancakes. I wanted to put a spin on the traditional by putting a recipe for “drop scones” also known as Scottish pancakes or griddle scones. The original recipes is madeContinue reading