ello cup

I have to admit I’m a serious advocate of drinks on the go.
Life has become a series of busy hustling meaning our calming moments of hot sipping has been left to Sunday’s.
Standing at the counter gulping our morning brew is a complete insult to this beautiful ritual.

Let’s call for assistance the travel mug.

This means you can carry your few minutes of mindful contemplating with you.
The bus, a stop light, underground, school run, carpool, any energetic journey and your friend will follow.

So whether it’s ceramic or airtight Ello has some unique solutions.

I take these cups everywhere and everywhere people stop me commenting on these mugs. They really do make coffee look cool. [amzps id=”39″]

ello cup

There is nothing quite like wrapping your hands around the perfect ceramic mug! Ello has made it possible to take this with you with a tight fitting BPA free lid with closable mouth piece. As it is ceramic it doesn’t keep the drinks hot for ages but it gives you that immediate comfort that your favourite mug from home does. This one is quite eye catching![amzps id=”41″]

ello cups

This one is my favourite The Campy travel mug. Not your Grandpa’s camp cup! Although it has that nostalgic look. I use this mug for my coffee every morning. It keeps it hot for ages and it is completely airtight!