My Take on Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter With Roasted Pecans and Figs

cinnamon pecan fig cookie butter

A couple of years ago I was staying at my friend’s house outside of Paris. It was Sunday morning and she had gone out and gotten fresh croissants and put a lovely spread out to go with them. Fruit, jams, spreads, and coffee. It was French breakfast bliss. She passed me over a cookie butter called Speculoos.
“You have to try this”
I slathered the peanut butter like spread on my pastry and took a curious bite. The smell and taste took me back to every sun-drenched European cafe I had ever lingered in. The familiar gingerbread spicy cookie flavour but in a silky spread. Cookie butter genius!!!
Although a fun holiday treat enjoyed with that second cup of espresso while you sit across from The Mediterranean. Maybe not a healthy go to breakfast condiment.
So I was on a mission to dress up my nut butter. Not even really sure you can call this a cookie butter but its sweet, creamy, spreadable with a hint of cinnamon.
I used mine on top of these chickpea oat cookies. But I think it would taste great in a smoothie, on top of ice cream or porridge. Also forgot to mention its so good for you!



cinnamon fig cookie butter

Roasted Pecan Fig Cinnamon Butter

  • Course
    • Spread
  • Suitable for diet
    • Vegan


  • 150g Pecans
  • 100g (1/2cup) dried figs
  • 125ml water
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon


  1. Roast your pecans in a 400f/200c oven till golden brown BEWARE of burning them!
  2. Allow to cool then blend in your food processor until they become a butter. Blend and blend till they break down don’t add any liquid here. If they become a dry lump break up and keep blending.
  3. Once it becomes a silky and creamy butter add the figs chopped and stems removed and cinnamon.
  4. It will come together and be too thick so add your water slowly until you get a consistency you are happy with.
  5. Store in the fridge should be good for a week or two.

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