Forget The Chocolate Box Go For Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates?
Yes as the lid slides off I am scrambling for that cocoa info sheet.
I take my choices very seriously!
I tend to steer clear of the fruit and chocolate combos. I tend to gravitate towards coffee, nuts, chilli, spices, salt, flowers, and anything that pushes the boat a little.
Lately, though I find they are trying to make “caramel” look like ten different flavours but I am no fool.
I guess it’s a safety flavour.

When I moved to the U.K I found no peanut butter to be found. Of course, you can buy peanut butter but not too many chocolate peanut butter marriages out there. Definitely none in the chocolate box.
So when I feel a little peanut butter chocolate homesickness I grab a spoon, a square, and then I am right at home.

These chewy, crunchy, layered bites are just what’s needed for the chocolate peanut lovers!

I use raw buckwheat groats in the base for a crunch seek out the raw for best results!

raw buckwheat groats



Raw Peanut Butter Buckwheat Bars

(makes 12-15 bars)


160g (3/4 cup) Medjool dates
200g (1 cup) raw buckwheat groats
50g (1/3 cup) almonds
2 Tbsp coconut oil
3 Tbsp water
pinch of sea salt


250 ml (1 cup) natural peanut butter
( I made my own with roasted peanuts)
1 Tbsp melted coconut oil (optional: if your peanut butter isn’t spreadable)


100g dark or raw chocolate

1)In your food processor blend buckwheat and almonds till broken down into a course flour.
2)Add coconut oil not melted
3)Add pitted dates and blend till all mixed together
4)Add water 1 Tbsp at a time till everything comes into a ball or dough
5)Place in a 9inch square pan and press into a base. Chill in freezer or fridge until firm 10-20 minutes

6)Then spread peanut butter onto the base.
Melt coconut oil and add to peanut butter if yours is too thick and won’t spread

7)Melt chocolate and spread onto. Chill till set and slice up. Enjoy!


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Know any chocolate peanut lovers why not share this recipe with them?

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