My Eggplant Was Mocking Me! So He Became Baba Ganoush Dip!

Danica's Baba Ganoush
Looking for an alternative to hummus? Or maybe a hummus sidekick?
I think I have not been appreciating eggplant as much as I could have been.
I’m embarrassed to say I buy it sometimes with the intention of making something wonderful and every time I open the fridge there it is staring at me. Mocking me.
I convince myself tomorrow I will grill it up but I wait too long and when I do go to pick it up its rotten and I throw it in my compost.
Yep, confessions of an uninspired cook.
If you aren’t best friends with this nightshade distantly related to potatoes and tomatoes. Then, why not make this easy creamy, smoky, middle eastern dip. Its a good addition to your veg diet full of benefits. Very nutritious

The lemon brings an addicting freshness, with sharp garlic, the sweetness of a fig and bitter richness of tahini. I use a grill pan to add a charred flavour to this aubergine then finish it in the oven to cook it through making it easy to peel off the woody purple skin makes a nicer paste. Pretty simple! Enjoy!

Danica's Baba Ganoush
grilled eggplant

Simple Baba Ganoush Recipe

2 medium raw eggplants/aubergine
2 cloves garlic
1/2 juice of lemon
2 Tbsp tahini
pinch sea salt
pinch of smoked paprika
1 fresh fig (optional)
1)Cut your eggplant lengthwise into 4 or 5 slices (make sure you remove skin on the end pieces so you can grill both sides)
2)Place in a very hot grill pan with olive oil and cook for few minutes on each side.
3)Put them on a baking sheet and finish is a hot oven (220c/425f) till cooked through approx. 10 minutes
4)Once done allow to cool and peel off the purple skin. It’s a bit woody and doesn’t blend well into the dip.
5)Place pulp into a food processor with all other ingredients. Add a drizzle of honey if you don’t have a fig. Add more lemon or sea salt if a bit lacking. Enjoy with grilled chickpea bread or crackers.
As you keep it in the fridge flavour increases.
tip: I made my own tahini, super easy just lightly roast a bag of sesame seeds till golden. Cool and blend into a paste/butter for 5-8 minutes in your food processor.
Click here to make your own chickpea bread.
after its cooked in the oven peel the purple skin off
After its cooked in the oven peel the purple skin off

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