Speedy Apricot Pistachio Energy Bites

Pistachio Energy Bites

Been chatting lately to a few busy mums who want tasty healthy snacks for them and their kids. Of course, they only want it to take a few minutes cause if it takes too long chances are you may not do it as often as you would like.

So in the time its takes to make a smoothie you can make a sweet treat that can proudly sit next to your coffee. With flavours like pistachio and apricot it’s not something you can find in the biscuit isle so why not make your own?



Pistachio Energy Bites

Pistachio Energy Bites


Apricot Pistachio Energy Bites

Makes 10-12 bites

200g (2cups) Walnuts
200g (1cup) Dried Apricots
2 Tbsp Maple syrup
Squeeze lemon juice
2 Tbsp Ground flax/linseeds

to coat:

1/4 cup shelled salted roasted Pistachios
3 Tbsp ground flax /linseeds


1)First, grind in your food processor the walnuts till then are fully ground up approx. 1-2 minutes.
2)Then add the apricots, maple syrup, lemon juice, ground flax seeds and blend till it comes together into a dough ball. Now use your hands to roll into balls approx. 10-12 balls
3)To your empty food processor add the shelled pistachios and more ground flax seeds and grind till smooth, couple of minutes. Place those on a plate and roll each apricot bite into the mixture to fully coat each ball.

Start eating or place in the fridge to chill.

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